Tin Lai Court Valuation

The following are property valuations for all units in Tin Lai Court (天麗苑). Please click on the links for a detailed report of each unit.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
2.76M 4.17M 5.98M 5.76M 4.64M 4.52M 4.03M 3.86M 4.22M 2.81M 2.88M 4.67M 5.47M 5.23M 4.23M 4.69M 4.09M 4.24M 3.53M 2.73M
2.75M 4.15M 5.96M 5.74M 4.63M 4.51M 4.02M 3.85M 4.20M 2.80M 2.87M 4.66M 5.45M 5.21M 4.22M 4.68M 4.08M 4.23M 3.52M 2.72M
2.74M 4.14M 5.94M 5.72M 4.61M 4.49M 4.00M 3.83M 4.18M 2.79M 2.86M 4.64M 5.43M 5.20M 4.20M 4.66M 4.06M 4.21M 3.50M 2.71M
2.73M 4.12M 5.91M 5.70M 4.59M 4.47M 3.99M 3.82M 4.17M 2.78M 2.85M 4.62M 5.41M 5.18M 4.19M 4.64M 4.05M 4.20M 3.49M 2.70M
2.72M 4.11M 5.89M 5.68M 4.57M 4.46M 3.97M 3.80M 4.15M 2.77M 2.84M 4.60M 5.39M 5.16M 4.17M 4.62M 4.03M 4.18M 3.48M 2.69M
2.71M 4.09M 5.87M 5.66M 4.56M 4.44M 3.96M 3.79M 4.14M 2.76M 2.83M 4.59M 5.37M 5.14M 4.15M 4.61M 4.02M 4.17M 3.46M 2.68M
2.70M 4.08M 5.85M 5.64M 4.54M 4.42M 3.94M 3.78M 4.12M 2.75M 2.82M 4.57M 5.35M 5.12M 4.14M 4.59M 4.00M 4.15M 3.45M 2.67M
2.69M 4.06M 5.83M 5.62M 4.52M 4.41M 3.93M 3.76M 4.11M 2.74M 2.81M 4.55M 5.33M 5.10M 4.12M 4.57M 3.99M 4.13M 3.44M 2.66M
2.68M 4.05M 5.81M 5.60M 4.51M 4.39M 3.91M 3.75M 4.09M 2.73M 2.80M 4.54M 5.31M 5.08M 4.11M 4.56M 3.97M 4.12M 3.43M 2.65M
2.67M 4.03M 5.78M 5.58M 4.49M 4.37M 3.90M 3.74M 4.08M 2.72M 2.79M 4.52M 5.29M 5.06M 4.09M 4.54M 3.96M 4.10M 3.41M 2.64M
2.66M 4.02M 5.76M 5.56M 4.47M 4.36M 3.89M 3.72M 4.06M 2.71M 2.78M 4.50M 5.27M 5.04M 4.08M 4.52M 3.94M 4.09M 3.40M 2.63M
2.66M 4.02M 5.78M 5.57M 4.50M 4.39M 3.90M 3.74M 4.07M 2.71M 2.78M 4.51M 5.29M 5.06M 4.10M 4.55M 3.96M 4.10M 3.41M 2.63M
2.65M 4.01M 5.76M 5.55M 4.49M 4.37M 3.89M 3.73M 4.05M 2.70M 2.77M 4.49M 5.27M 5.04M 4.09M 4.53M 3.94M 4.09M 3.39M 2.62M
2.64M 3.99M 5.73M 5.53M 4.47M 4.35M 4.80M 3.71M 4.04M 2.69M 2.76M 4.48M 5.25M 5.02M 4.07M 4.52M 3.93M 4.07M 3.38M 2.61M
2.63M 3.98M 5.71M 5.51M 4.45M 4.34M 3.86M 3.70M 4.02M 2.68M 2.75M 4.46M 5.23M 5.00M 4.06M 4.50M 3.91M 4.06M 3.37M 2.60M
2.62M 3.96M 5.69M 5.49M 4.44M 4.32M 3.85M 3.69M 4.01M 2.67M 2.74M 4.44M 5.21M 4.98M 4.04M 4.48M 3.90M 4.04M 3.36M 2.60M
2.61M 3.95M 5.67M 5.47M 4.42M 4.31M 3.83M 3.67M 3.99M 2.66M 2.73M 4.43M 5.19M 4.96M 4.03M 4.47M 3.88M 4.03M 3.34M 2.59M
2.60M 3.93M 5.65M 5.45M 4.40M 4.29M 3.82M 3.66M 3.98M 2.65M 2.72M 4.41M 5.17M 4.95M 4.01M 4.45M 3.87M 4.01M 3.33M 2.58M
2.59M 3.92M 5.63M 5.43M 4.39M 4.27M 3.81M 3.64M 3.97M 2.64M 2.71M 4.40M 5.15M 4.93M 4.00M 4.43M 3.85M 4.00M 3.32M 2.57M
2.58M 3.91M 5.61M 5.41M 4.37M 4.26M 3.79M 3.63M 3.95M 2.63M 4.38M 5.13M 4.91M 3.98M 4.42M 3.84M 3.98M 3.31M 2.56M
2.57M 3.89M 5.59M 5.39M 4.36M 4.24M 3.78M 3.62M 3.94M 2.62M 2.69M 4.36M 5.11M 4.89M 3.97M 4.40M 3.83M 3.97M 3.30M 2.55M
2.58M 3.90M 5.60M 5.40M 4.38M 4.26M 3.79M 3.63M 3.95M 2.63M 2.70M 4.38M 5.13M 4.90M 3.99M 4.42M 3.84M 3.98M 3.31M 2.56M
2.57M 3.89M 5.58M 5.38M 4.36M 4.25M 3.78M 3.62M 3.93M 2.62M 2.69M 4.36M 5.11M 4.89M 3.97M 4.41M 3.82M 3.97M 3.29M 2.55M
2.56M 3.88M 5.56M 5.36M 4.34M 4.23M 3.76M 3.60M 3.92M 2.61M 2.68M 4.35M 5.09M 4.87M 3.96M 4.39M 3.81M 3.95M 3.28M 2.54M
2.55M 3.86M 5.54M 5.34M 4.33M 4.21M 3.75M 3.59M 3.91M 2.60M 2.67M 4.33M 5.07M 4.85M 3.94M 4.37M 3.80M 3.94M 3.27M 2.53M
2.54M 3.85M 5.52M 5.32M 4.31M 4.20M 3.73M 3.58M 3.89M 2.59M 2.66M 4.31M 5.05M 4.83M 3.93M 4.36M 3.78M 3.92M 3.26M 2.52M
2.53M 3.83M 5.50M 5.30M 4.30M 4.18M 3.72M 3.56M 3.88M 2.58M 2.65M 4.30M 5.03M 4.81M 3.92M 4.34M 3.77M 3.91M 3.25M 2.51M
2.52M 3.82M 5.48M 5.28M 4.28M 4.17M 3.71M 3.55M 3.86M 2.57M 2.64M 4.28M 5.01M 4.80M 3.90M 4.33M 3.75M 3.89M 3.23M 2.50M
2.51M 3.80M 5.46M 5.26M 4.26M 4.15M 3.69M 3.54M 3.85M 2.56M 2.63M 4.27M 5.00M 4.78M 3.89M 4.31M 3.74M 3.88M 3.22M 2.49M
2.50M 3.79M 5.44M 5.24M 4.25M 4.14M 3.68M 3.52M 3.83M 2.56M 2.62M 4.25M 4.98M 4.76M 3.87M 4.29M 3.73M 3.87M 3.21M 2.48M
2.49M 3.78M 5.42M 5.22M 4.23M 4.12M 3.67M 3.51M 3.82M 2.55M 2.61M 4.23M 4.96M 4.74M 3.86M 4.28M 3.71M 3.85M 3.20M 2.47M
2.49M 3.76M 5.40M 5.21M 4.22M 4.11M 3.65M 3.50M 3.81M 2.54M 2.60M 4.22M 4.94M 4.73M 3.84M 4.26M 3.70M 3.84M 3.19M 2.46M
2.48M 3.75M 5.38M 5.19M 4.20M 4.09M 3.64M 3.48M 3.79M 2.53M 2.59M 4.20M 4.92M 4.71M 3.83M 4.25M 3.69M 3.82M 3.17M 2.45M
2.47M 3.74M 5.36M 5.17M 4.19M 4.08M 3.63M 3.47M 3.78M 2.52M 2.58M 4.19M 4.90M 4.69M 3.82M 4.23M 3.67M 3.81M 3.16M 2.45M
2.46M 3.72M 5.34M 5.15M 4.17M 4.06M 3.61M 3.46M 3.76M 2.51M 2.57M 4.17M 4.89M 4.67M 3.80M 4.21M 3.66M 3.80M 3.15M 2.44M
2.45M 3.71M 5.32M 5.13M 4.16M 4.05M 3.60M 3.45M 3.75M 2.50M 2.56M 4.16M 4.87M 4.66M 3.79M 4.20M 3.65M 3.78M 3.14M 2.43M
2.44M 3.69M 5.30M 5.11M 4.14M 4.03M 3.59M 3.43M 3.74M 2.49M 2.55M 4.14M 4.85M 4.64M 3.77M 4.18M 3.63M 3.77M 3.13M 2.42M
5.09M 4.12M 4.02M 3.57M 3.42M 3.72M 2.48M 2.54M 4.13M 4.83M 4.62M 3.76M 4.17M 3.62M 3.75M 3.12M 2.41M
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

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